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Living With a Deaf Cat

Living and caring for a deaf cat can be more of a challenge, but it’s not as difficult as you may think. It just requires a little extra time. Deafness can occur as a result of trauma or it can come on slowly with aging. Some cats are born deaf, never hearing any sound. Deafness […]

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Kidney Problems in Pets

Kidneys play a very important part in keeping our pets healthy. They filter the blood, removing toxins, excreting them through the urine. The kidneys also maintain the water and electrolyte balance and produce some hormones which stimulate red blood cell growth. If your pet’s kidneys are not functioning properly, the waste products that remain in […]

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Addison’s Disease

Addison’s Disease is caused by the adrenal gland not producing enough cortisol or aldosterone. It usually affects young to middle-age female dogs, but any dog can develop the disease. Addison’s is rare in cats. Addison’s is difficult to diagnose because symptoms mirror so many other diseases – fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting and muscle pain. The adrenal […]

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Living with a Deaf Dog

Living with a deaf dog brings additional challenges. It’s a good idea for all of us to study the needs of a deaf dog. While some dogs are born deaf, old age, injury or illness can bring on deafness. Breeds that have a high propensity for hereditary deafness include the Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Shepherd, […]

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Cancer in Dogs

I’m going to begin with cancer because my lovely Timo, a Rottweiler mix, has osteosarcoma, bone cancer. It was discovered quite by accident, as she showed no signs of illness. One day, the beginning of December 2008,Timo and my German Shepherd, Quanah, were playing when Quanah accidentally stepped on Timo’s right front leg. Timo let […]

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Physical Aids for Dogs

Sometimes our beloved companions suffer illnesses, accidents or just the infirmities of old age. There are aids available to ease their pain and discomfort. There are also many safety supports and healing supports for pets. The cruciate ligament helps to hold the knee joint together. When this ligament is torn there is pain and swelling […]

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Living with a Lame Pet

If your pet is lame, either temporarily or permanently, you will have to make some changes in its care. Caring for a lame dog Lameness in dogs is very common and can be due to injury or a chronic condition. The first thing to do when you notice this problem is to take your dog […]

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Special Care for Flat-Faced Dogs

Flat-faced or brachycephalic dogs are not only cute, roly-poly and extra huggable, but they also require special care. In case you didn’t know, brachycephalic dogs are those with short snouts including Pugs, Bulldogs, Pekingese, and more. There are a number of health concerns that you should consider when owning a flat-faced dog breed. Issues with […]

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Understanding Arthritis in Cats and Dogs

Humans aren’t the only ones who have to deal with arthritis. Dogs and cats are both susceptible to it as they age. Arthritis is sometimes caused by infection of the joint, but most likely it’s just due to wear and tear throughout the years. Unfortunately, pets can’t explain their symptoms, which can make it hard […]

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How to Care for a Blind Dog

Taking care of a blind dog may require making some changes, but is not as difficult as you may think. Before taking on the care of a blind dog or even if your dog is gradually losing its sight, decide where you want to place your furniture. At first your dog may bump into things, […]