Choosing dog toys for chewy dogs

Chew Toy

All dogs love to chew. Unfortunately, they are not fussy about what they chew on. It could be your favorite sweater or that new pair of shoes you left out. But there is help in the form of many toys made for dogs to chew on. Here are some simple guidelines.

First, make sure the size toys you choose are not too small for your dog to swallow or choke on or too large for your dog to handle. Toys should be size appropriate. Beware of moving parts that can come off and cause problems for your dog.

Next, purchase toys that are washable. You wouldn’t want to chew on something dirty or that has slobber all over it and while your dog may not be that discerning, it’s healthier for him/her to chew on something clean.

Purchase enough toys to keep your dog from becoming bored. You can hide some and rotate them to keep your dog interested. Sometimes dogs do have a favorite and will miss that one. No problem, keep it always handy.

If your dog is chewing on something inappropriate, try giving him/her a favorite toy. You might want to say “no” at the time and immediately give your dog the proper toy to chew on along with saying “good dog” and some pats.

Some toys have compartments where you can place a dog biscuit or some other treat. These toys can keep your dog busy for quite a while as he/she tries to reach the treat. If you’re stuck indoors because of inclement weather or for any reason there are also games available for dogs involving treats. Or you can make your own game. Using an empty egg carton, separate the compartments, put a treat under some, place them on the floor and let your dog find the treats. You can also play hide and seek with your dog and if your lucky enough to have a large room, even fetch. It can be a good time to teach your dog tricks and/or obedience.

Whatever you do, have fun with your dog, don’t leave precious things around and give your dog lots of love.

DO NOT let your dog chew on or play with tennis balls. The fuzz on the balls cause dental problems.

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