Choosing Toys for Your Bird

Bird Toys

Watching your bird play with toys is pleasurable for both of you. Your bird is having fun and exercising at the same time.

In the wild your bird can make his own choices to entertain himself. But caged birds depend on their owners to fulfill their needs.

There are lots of toys to choose from making it difficult to know which ones will please your bird.

Some birds enjoy shredding their toys. You can experiment by giving your bird the tube from toilet paper. If your bird enjoys picking the tube to pieces, you know what type of toy he will enjoy. You can do this with wood, plastic, any type of toy.

Most birds like to play on the wooden gym toys available. These offer swings, ladders and other attached toys. But before making this investment, try purchasing a variety of inexpensive, safe toys to see which type your bird is attracted to.

Birds in the wild forage for food and your bird may be interested in doing the same in the cage. Look for foraging toys, puzzles, wooden toys, mirrors, bells, plastic toys, toys that make noises.

Don’t place them all in the cage at once. You can rotate them over a period of time. It’s a good way to judge which toys your bird likes best. And don’t worry if some toys are destroyed while your bird plays – take it as a sign that your bird is having a great time.

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