Why Do Birds Flock?

Flock of Birds

Birds flying in flocks are a magnificent sight to behold. It seems amazing that they care able to dip and curve, change direction like precision dancers.

There are a few reasons given why “birds of a feather flock together.”

Birds flying together are safer because of their large numbers. They can more easily fight off larger birds of prey. There is protection with flocks which ensures survival of the stronger birds.

Flying together gives birds more of an aerodynamic advantage. The airflow gives more lift and less drag, allowing the birds to expend less energy and become less tired.

The many pairs of eyes allow excellent visibility and early warning of danger. More eyes can also mean better chances of finding feeding areas.

Flying in groups will give birds more opportunity to socialize. A United Kingdom study showed that there is a hierarchy and the leaders of the flock fly close to the front.

Often different species of birds will flock together, possibly in order to increase their survival abilities.

Large birds of prey such as eagles may not need to fly in flocks. They are strong enough to hunt and survive on their own.

Despite all these observations why birds fly together, swoop and fly in V formations, it is still somewhat of an enigma.

But we can all agree that watching a flock of birds in motion is an incredibly beautiful sight.

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