Why Dogs Drink from the Toilet

Dog drinking out of toilet bowl

We may think it’s disgusting, but dogs like their water straight from the toilet.

Once you know the reasons for this behavior, you’ll understand why they think it’s so good.

We all love our dogs and try to be the best parents to them, but sometimes we forget little things. Like how often we change the water in their bowl. It could be standing there for hours, becoming warm and yucky.

Usually the bowls we use don’t retain the coolness for very long. But the water in the toilet is fresh and cool because its been flushed a number of times. The porcelain doesn’t change the taste of the water the way metal and plastic bowls often do. And porcelain stays cool longer.

However, sometimes the cleaning materials we use on the toilet leave residue which can make a dog sick. And if we use toilet bowl deodorizers, the chemicals are always present in the water.

There is a very easy solution to keeping your dog safe – close the toilet lid. If your dog learns how to lift the lid, keep the bathroom door closed. If your dog can open the bathroom door, I’d say he’s very smart.

You can purchase a porcelain bowl just for your dog’s water. And please don’t forget to change the water several times daily. You might want to look into the several types of fountains available for dogs (and cats too).

To keep the water cool, you could consider putting a few ice cubes into the water, or giving the dog a porcelain dish for water instead of a metal or plastic dish. Please don’t put the dish in the sun either — that’ll make it hot.

If your dog still drinks from the toilet, you shouldn’t use deodorizers, and flush the toilet straight away after cleaning it.

Some cats also drink from the toilet, for the same reasons that dogs do. But, for them it’s harder because they are shorter. Nevertheless, it’s not that uncommon for a cat owner to see their cat drinking out of the toilet when they are about to use the bathroom!

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