Cannabis and Your Dog

First, let us put your mind at ease. Please don’t worry, the cannabis we speak of is not marijuana which can be to pets, it’s hemp.

Cannabis is thought to be one of the oldest crops grown. Many different varieties have been cultivated for use in industry and medicine. These sturdy plants were also grown by humans in early times and their fibers used to make foods, oils and textiles such as fabric and rope. Some varieties were used in religious ceremonies.

Although hemp products can be imported to the United States, it is illegal to grow both hemp and marijuana in the country. Today, hemp is grown in more than 30 countries and continues to be used for ropes, sturdy fabrics, fiberboard and paper.

THC is the component (a canabinoid) of marijuana that cause the “high”. The level of THC in hemp is very low. Hemp contains higher levels of another canabinoid, CBD, which has shown to reduce the effects of marijuana.

The CBD in hemp has also proven to have many therapuetic effects. Studies have shown that the chemicals in the cannabis plants including CBD have anti-inflammatory effects and can help with pain, tumors, seizures, muscle spasms, stimulate appetite.

CBD in hemp has helped with chronic and acute conditions such as arthritis, compromised immune systems, stress, aggression, digestive issues, sprains and strains, broken bones. During post-operative care it can reduce swelling, pain and stiffness.

If your dog is taking conventional medications for any of these conditions, it may be possible to lower the dosage with the use of CBD. This is very beneficial as regularly prescribed drugs can have side effects.

Herbal medications usually take time to have an effect. A dog may feel pain relief within a few hours but inflammation may take a few days to show improvement.

Unlike marijuana, CBD hemp willnot make your dog high. However one side effect may be drowsiness. Other side effects that are extremely rare may be itchiness or some vomiting. In these instances, stop of the use of cannabis and consult your vet.

Use only the CBD that is made specifically for dogs.

It is generally recommended to start dosing very low – one drop of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight per day. For treats containing CBD, start with a tiny amount. For capsules or dosing or to increase dosage if necessary, consult with your vet or herbalist. As with any medication, always consult with an expert.

Make sure treats and any medications are stored where dog can’t get to them or other people can’t reach them to give to your dog.

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