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Can Cats and Birds Live Together?

In some instances, cats and birds can live together. Much depends on the cat’s personality and how high the prey drive is. Cats are predators, birds are prey. If you take the time and have patience, you might be able to teach them to tolerate each other. It’s advisable though to take precautions. Try putting […]

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Endangered Birds

There are 403 endangered bird species in the world today. Some endangered bird species There are approximately 320 Whooping Cranes left in the world. In the late 1930s there were about 16 birds left and the American government began efforts to save this species. Their breeding ground is in the Wood Buffalo National Park in […]

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Teach Your Bird to Talk

The Parrot Family includes a wide range of birds, most of which can be taught to talk. Mynah birds, members of the Starling Family, are big talkers too. Teaching your bird to talk can be a fun, bonding time. Mynah birds and some members of the Parrot Family are fast learners like African Greys, Budgerigars […]

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Do Birds Make Good Pets?

Birds make excellent pets, especially for people whose lifestyle precludes owning dogs or cats. If your living situation makes it difficult to walk a dog and you’re looking for a companionable pet, consider a bird. Birds are great companions and many of them can be taught to talk. Birds are highly intelligent and learn quickly. […]

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Australian Birds

Many beautiful birds are native to Australia. There have been 867 species recorded so far. Most of these birds live in the wild. Unfortunately, Australia’s birds face unprecedented challenges to their survival – habitat destruction, feral predators and climate change. Although there are more than 340 species of parrots in Australia, fewer than 100 are […]

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History of Pet Parrots

Parrots are one of the most ancient pets. Egyptian hieroglyphics show images of birds, including parrots. The ancient Greeks and Romans admired parrots, and rich families kept them in ornate cages and had their servants care for them and teach them to speak. In the first century, Pliny the Elder described a bird similar to […]

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Falcons and Falconry

The sport of falconry is believed to go as far back as 680 B.C. in China. It was probably introduced to Europe arouned 400 A.D. with the Huns and Alans invasions. Falconry now applies to all trained birds of prey used to catch game. The term falconer means one who flies a falcon. Austringer is […]

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Care and Feeding of Outdoor Birds

There is such a wide variety of birds that you may want to consider what type you want to attract. When considering building or purchasing bird houses, you have to remember that there are predators like cats and snakes who are able to climb trees. You might want to attach your bird house to a […]

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Parrot Talk

One of the joys of owning a parrot can be the bird’s ability to talk. It’s such fun to seemingly carry on a conversation with your bird. It’s interesting to speculate how parrots can talk since they don’t have vocal cords or lips. Dr. Irene Pepperberg did some research on the subject at Brandeis and […]

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Bird Myths, Facts and Urban Legends

In this article we debunk some of the most famous myths and urban legends relating to birds.   Myth: Birds can die from swallowing rice thrown at weddings. Fact: This is simply not true. Myth: You should take down your bird feeders in the fall because they keep birds from migrating and these birds will […]