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Dog Myths, Facts and Urban Legends

Many common beliefs about dogs are simply not true. Myth: Dogs are sick when their noses are warm. Fact: The only way to find out if a dog has temperature is to measure it with a thermometer. Myth: All dogs like to be petted on their heads. Fact: Some do, some don’t. Myth: If a […]

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Cats and 9 Lives – Myth or Fact?

Because cats have such keen senses and often survive situations that other animals might not, they were thought to have many lives. The origin of the myth of nine lives however is a bit cloudy. Brewers Dictionary of Phrase and Fable explains the myth of a cat’s nine lives because it’s hold on life is […]

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Full Moons and Pets

We attribute all kinds of odd behavior to the full moon. The word “lunacy” comes from lunar, having to do with the moon. As children, we were told the moon was made out of cheese and that if we looked hard enough, we could see a man in the moon. Of course, now that men […]

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Turtle Myths, Facts and Urban Legends

Since turtles aren’t the most common of pets, many people hold mistaken beliefs regarding them. Here are some of the common myths and the true facts: Myth: Turtles are an easy to care for pet. Fact: All reptiles are challenging pets and require knowledge of their specific dietary requirements and habits. Myth: Turtles are a […]

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Single Women and Cats

We have all heard the stereotype of the single woman who has many cats and showers her love on them in lieu of seeking a relationship with a man. But is there any truth to this stereotype? Statistically, it is not true that more single women raise cats. Households of parents with children are twice […]

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Fish Myths, Facts and Urban Legends

There are many misconceptions floating around (get it?) about fish and fishkeeping. Fish only grow to the size of their tank Each fish grows to the size that it is meant to be. In order for a fish to be healthy and lead a long life, it needs sufficient room in its tank. You need […]

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Guinea Pig Myths, Facts and Urban Legends

There are many misconceptions about guinea pigs which may prevent people from adopting them. Myth: Male guinea pigs can’t live together. Fact: Male guinea pigs can get along just fine as long as there isn’t a female in the cage as well. Myth: Guinea pigs don’t need large cages. Fact: Guinea pigs are often kept […]

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Bird Myths, Facts and Urban Legends

In this article we debunk some of the most famous myths and urban legends relating to birds.   Myth: Birds can die from swallowing rice thrown at weddings. Fact: This is simply not true. Myth: You should take down your bird feeders in the fall because they keep birds from migrating and these birds will […]

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Cat Myths, Facts and Urban Legends

There are many urban legends about cats. Below we debunk some of these myths. Myth: Cats can have cow’s milk Fact: Cats are actually lactose intolerant and can get an upset stomach from drinking milk. Myth: Cats should eat fish Fact: Cats can eat fish occasionally, but too much fish in their diet can lead […]