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George the Guinea Pig

George the <a title=”Guinea Pigs” href=”Guinea_Pigs”>guinea pig</a> (2007-August 11, 2009) was a grey American Shorthair who was best known for serving as a turning point in <a title=”Education” href=”Education”>education</a> to <a title=”Veterinarians” href=”Veterinarians”>veterinary</a> hospitals after his death, because the public perceived his story as perfect example of the average animal hospital’s lack of knowledge of […]

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How Guinea Pigs Communicate

Guinea Pigs may not speak our language, but they do vocalize and use their bodies to communicate their feelings. Here are some things to look for and better understand your guinea pig. Vocalizations Rumbling is a sound made by a courting male or a female in heat. Purr – a deep purr is usually a […]

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Guinea Pig Ileus

Ileus in guinea pigs has a strong stress-related component. If your guinea pig has discomfort, pain or stress, look for gastrointestinal tract problems first. In order to keep their systems functioning properly, guinea pigs need to have food going through the gastrointestinal tract almost constantly. Ileus is a slowing or stoppage of the gut workings […]

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How to Handle a Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs are popular pets, especially for children. But everyone should learn the proper way of handling them to avoid injury which can lead to permanent damage for your pet. Here is some advice to help you. Sit on the floor or the ground when holding your guinea pig. Guinea pigs are easily startled and […]

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Lice and Your Guinea Pig

Before you start itching and scratching, there are specific lice for each species. So even if your guinea pig has lice, they won’t affect you. You cannot catch lice from your guinea pig. If you observe your guinea pig scratching excessively, a lice infestation (pediculosis) may be the cause. Do not purchase over the counter […]

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Exercising Your Guinea Pig

If your guinea pig has a large cage, s/he will manage to get a fair amount of exercise, especially if the cage is equipped with shelves and toys to keep busy. But guinea pigs do need to exercise their muscles and keep fit and trim. Some out of the cage time is good for them […]

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What cages, accessories and food do I need for a Guinea Pig?

Guinea Pigs like to move around a lot and are very fast and need space. The larger the cage, the happier your pet. Cages with solid bottoms and removable trays make for easier clean-up. Cages should be cleaned every week to 10 days. The cage should be kept in a light area, but out of […]

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Keeping Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs make delightful pets but, as with all animals, they require effort on the part of their owner to ensure they have a happy life. Before bringing a guinea pig into your home, make sure that it will be the right pet for you. Do some research and find out what guinea pigs need […]

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Guinea Pig Myths, Facts and Urban Legends

There are many misconceptions about guinea pigs which may prevent people from adopting them. Myth: Male guinea pigs can’t live together. Fact: Male guinea pigs can get along just fine as long as there isn’t a female in the cage as well. Myth: Guinea pigs don’t need large cages. Fact: Guinea pigs are often kept […]