Exercising Your Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig

If your guinea pig has a large cage, s/he will manage to get a fair amount of exercise, especially if the cage is equipped with shelves and toys to keep busy.

But guinea pigs do need to exercise their muscles and keep fit and trim. Some out of the cage time is good for them and can be fun for you too.

Your guinea pig should have a safe area to run around in. If possible you can use one of the rooms in your home as a guinea pig haven. But before allowing your guinea pig to run free, there are some precautions to take.

If space is limited, there are guinea pig playpens available at reasonable prices. They can serve double or triple duty for puppies and kittens.

Remove any plants or place them out of reach as some can be toxic to your pet.

Electrical wires such as those from lamps, phones, computers, appliances, should also be out of reach.

Guinea pigs like to chew and their curiosity can spell danger for them. Some will even nibble on furniture, so make sure nothing you value is available to your guinea pig.

Other pets should be kept away as cats and dogs view guinea pigs as prey and may attack.

Make sure your guinea pig can’t get into small spaces that are difficult for you to reach such as behind appliances.

Everyone at home should be told the guinea pig is loose so that accidents are avoided.

Keep plastic bags and plastic containers out of reach. They can pose choking hazards as well as intestinal blockages if your pet decides to chew on them.

If the cage is not accessible, have food and water easily available especially if your guinea pig is out of the cage for a length of time.

Use only green cleaners throughout your home or at least where your pets wander. Deodorizing sprays, insecticides, any aerosols or other cleaning materials can be toxic to your pets. Check labels to make sure products are pet-safe.

One last caution – even if you’ve done everything to ensure your guinea pig’s safety, never leave him/her unattended.

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