Do Pets Change Your Style

Dog Sleep.jpg

Having pets does change your lifestyle somewhat. Setting up your house, going out, even staying in, vacations. Here are some ways your life can be different.

  • Your pets seem to have a built-in clock. They won’t let you sleep one minute past the time for morning feeding. Or the time for that last walk at night.
  • Pets join you in the bathroom. But turning the shower on often gets them out.
  • At romantic times they want some of that affection and attention.
  • If you decide to take a nap, your pet is right there, ready to curl up on top of you or very close.
  • You can’t keep any of your favorite items on end tables. Cats jumping or a dog’s waving tail will make short work of them.
  • If you don’t want your clothing or shoes to disappear or worse, be chewed, you have to learn to be neat and put everything away.
  • Cats and dogs learn quickly where the goodies are, so you may have to lock cabinets and keep closet doors closed.
  • Counters are not off limits for any pet, especially if you leave food there.
  • You have to make special vacation plans to either include your pet or board him/her.
  • You can’t stay away overnight and leave your pet alone.

In spite of all these changes and I’m sure some of you can add a few more, life without a pet….well, that’s not a life I want.

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