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Rabbits, Other Small Pets and Lice

First, to allay any fears you may have, lice are specific to each individual species. In other words, lice from one type of animal cannot be transferred to another type of animal. Rabbits have their own rabbit lice. Lice from other species cannot be transferred to humans. If your rabbit or other small animal appears […]

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How Many Mice Together

Mice are social animals and enjoy the company of another of their kind. In their natural habitats, mice live together – one male and several females. You can choose a pair of mice or up to 5 mice to live together. They usually get along well without too much risk of fighting. Male mice should […]

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Split-caging a Gerbil

If you have a lonely gerbil and want to find them a friend – you cannot do this without split-caging them first. This is because gerbils are extremely territorial, and to get them to accept a friend you first have to get them accustomed to the scent and markings of the other gerbil. Please see […]

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Rabbit Housing, Indoors and Outdoors

Even if your rabbit is allowed the freedom of the house a cage is necessary as a nesting and comfort area. If your rabbit spends a great deal of time in the cage it should be as large as you can afford. A solid floor is best as wire floors can cause discomfort and injury […]

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What cages, accessories and food do I need for a Guinea Pig?

Guinea Pigs like to move around a lot and are very fast and need space. The larger the cage, the happier your pet. Cages with solid bottoms and removable trays make for easier clean-up. Cages should be cleaned every week to 10 days. The cage should be kept in a light area, but out of […]

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Choosing the Right Small Animal

You may have already decided that a small animal fits your lifestyle and personality, but are not quite sure which type of small animal is right for you. You need to consider not how a pet can fit round your life, but whether you can alter your life around what your pet needs. Some things […]

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Guinea Pig Myths, Facts and Urban Legends

There are many misconceptions about guinea pigs which may prevent people from adopting them. Myth: Male guinea pigs can’t live together. Fact: Male guinea pigs can get along just fine as long as there isn’t a female in the cage as well. Myth: Guinea pigs don’t need large cages. Fact: Guinea pigs are often kept […]

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Rabbit Myths, Facts and Urban Legends

There are many misconceptions about rabbits and rabbit care. Below are some myths and urban legends which people persist in believing. Myth: A domesticated rabbit can be let out in the wild. Fact: A domesticated rabbit can’t fend for itself in the wild and will quickly become prey or die of disease. Myth: Rabbits can […]