Rabbit Myths, Facts and Urban Legends


There are many misconceptions about rabbits and rabbit care. Below are some myths and urban legends which people persist in believing.

Myth: A domesticated rabbit can be let out in the wild.

Fact: A domesticated rabbit can’t fend for itself in the wild and will quickly become prey or die of disease.

Myth: Rabbits can live on just carrots, lettuce, and cabbage.

Fact: Rabbits need a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals as well as proteins and fiber. They should be fed good quality rabbit pellet with carrots and lettuce served as treats.

Myth: A rabbit can be picked up by its ears.

Fact: Because magicians used to pull rabbits out of hats by their ears, some people think this is a correct way to handle a rabbit. However, this is painful for the rabbit and today’s magicians no longer do this.

Myth: Rabbits are soundless animals.

Fact: Rabbits actually make a whole variety of sounds.

Myth: Rabbits cannot survive outside in the cold of winter.

Fact: Most rabbits have nice thick coats that keep them warm in the winter.

Myth: All rabbits are easy to breed.

Fact: Most of the smaller breeds are difficult to breed.

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