Can Cats and Birds Live Together?

Cat and bird sharing a sandwich

In some instances, cats and birds can live together. Much depends on the cat’s personality and how high the prey drive is. Cats are predators, birds are prey. If you take the time and have patience, you might be able to teach them to tolerate each other. It’s advisable though to take precautions.

Try putting the bird cage in an area inaccessible to the cat. You even might consider hanging the cage sturdily from the ceiling. See more: Where to Place Your Bird’s Cage

Always keep a close watch on the cat. If your cat attempts to reach the bird, a strong “no” will help. Say no each time your cat shows too much interest in your bird. You can also keep a spray bottle filled with water handy, if your cat needs a little extra convincing. A short squirt of water directed at the cat should discourage hunting instincts.

If your bird show aggression to your cat, it’s important to discipline your bird. You can use the same sharp “no”. They should not be allowed physical contact as birds can catch diseases from cats. Often times even biting the fur of your cat is a risk.

When you leave the house, your bird should be placed in a separate room away from the cat. Make sure the door stays closed until your return. I’ve seen cats determined enough, open doors.

NEVER ever leave your cat and your bird unattended to avoid tragedy. You never know when or if instincts will kick in.

With consistent training, your cat and your bird can learn to tolerate each other. They may even become friends.

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