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Egyptian Mau

Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: Egypt Coat Type: medium long, fine, silky Color: silver, bronze or smoke, all with spots & stripes even in skin pigment Temperament: intelligent, athletic, loyal, curious, does not get along with other cats or pets Where does the Egyptian Mau come from? Cats were worshiped and protected in ancient Egypt, […]

Bird Breeds Endangered Species

Victoria Crowned Pigeons

This unusual pigeon is not the same as those we are used to seeing. Named for Queen Victoria of Great Britain, the pigeon’s coloring is blue with a maroon chest. They are tall, about 29 inches (74 cm.)and the largest living pigeon. They have a magnificent fan-shaped crest of feathers on the head, looking like […]

British Dogs Dog Breeds Endangered Species Sporting Dogs


Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: England Group: Sporting dog Height: 21-27 in. Weight: 80-115 lbs. Life span: 10-13 yrs. Trainability: moderate Good with children: yes Good with other pets: yes with dogs, may chase small animals March’s Dog of the Month The Otterhound is a large affectionate hound that finds mud and dirt a perfect […]

Endangered Species Exotic Nocturnal Pets

Aye Aye

Besides having a strange name, the Aye Aye is one of the weirdest looking creatures in the world. Perhaps movie gremlins were modeled after them. The Aye Aye is a member of the Lemur family. It is a nocturnal primate, native to Madagascar. Its long, thin middle finger is used to tap on trees to […]

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Moluccan Cockatoo

What is the native habitat of the Moluccan Cockatoo? The Moluccan Cockatoo is a native of Seram and other islands in eastern Indonesia, also known as the Maluccin, Malukel or Spice Islands. It is an endangered species. Captive bred birds are legal with approciate CITES certification. While it cannot be imported to the U.S., the […]

Bird Breeds Endangered Species Parrots


Where does the Macaw come from? The Macaws native habitats are the rain forests of Central and south American. Sadly , the rain forests are disappearing and some species of Macaw are on the endangered list. Macaws have been kept as pets in the U.S. as far back as 1100 A.D. by the Pueblo Indians. […]

Endangered Species Horse Breeds


What is the history of the Lipizzan? Lipizzaners are originally from Spain owing their ancestry to the Andalusian horses. Archduke Charles of Austria brought Spanish stock to his stud farm in Lipizza near Trieste about 1580. Together with his brother, Maximilolian II of Austria whose stud farm was in Kladrub, these horses were bred with […]

Endangered Species Exotic

The Exotic Sand Cat

Sand Cats look like smaller versions of our domesticated pets. But don’t let size fool you, they are wild. Sand Cats can be found from the Sahara throughout the Middle East into Turkestan in sandy and stony deserts. Sand Cats are 10-12 inches tall, 29-36 inches long and weigh about 4-8 lbs. Their soft dense […]

Endangered Species General Rodent Articles

Endangered Rodents

It is an unfortunate fact that some rodent species are now endangered in the wild. This is due to factors such as loss of habitat due to urban development and the fur trade. Efforts are being made to conserve these species and increase their population numbers. The long-eared jerboa is a rodent which lives in […]

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Endangered Amphibians

Amphibians are facing extinction around the world. The main cause is a deadly parasitic fungus known as amphibian chytrid, but amphibians are also suffering from habitat loss, climate change, pollution, pesticides and introduced species. The Panamanian golden frog is in danger because of chytrid fungus. This disease affects the amphibian’s skin, through which it breathes […]