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What Your Bird’s Leg Band Means

Two hundred years ago, North American researchers began the practice of placing leg bands on wild birds in order to keep track of their habits. This practice was continued with imported birds by the United States Department of Agriculture to help avoid outbreaks of diseases. After an outbreak of psittacosis, restrictions were set on bird […]

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Bird Breeds

Birds add color and music to our lives. Here’s a list of top bird breeds. Bird Breeds: African Grey Parrot Amazon Parrot Bald Eagle – National U.S. Emblem Brahma Caique Canary Chattering Lory Chickens Cockatiel Eclectus Parrot Emerald Toucanet Finch Frizzles Goffin’s Cockatoo Greater Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo Lorikeets Lovebird Macaw Messenger (Homing) Pigeons Mockingbird Moluccan Cockatoo […]

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Teach Your Bird to Play with Toys

Introducing a new toy to your bird is an adventure for both of you. Birds can be fearful of new things and it can take a while before they attempt to play with a new toy without your help. Wild birds learn from their parents and from other members of their flock. Your bird doesn’t […]

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Top Things Every Bird Department Should Know: Retail Sales Helps from Wyld’s Wingdom

Display your expertise and professionalism by showing the customer that you care about them and the pets and supplies that you sell. Customer Service: All employees are the face of a business and are key to molding a customer’s initial impression. • Keep an eye out for customers who look confused or are in need […]

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Why Do Birds Flock?

Birds flying in flocks are a magnificent sight to behold. It seems amazing that they care able to dip and curve, change direction like precision dancers. There are a few reasons given why “birds of a feather flock together.” Birds flying together are safer because of their large numbers. They can more easily fight off […]

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Birds migrate in order to avoid the physiological stress of cold weather and to take advantage of distant food resources. Some species migrate a few kilometers while others will travel hundreds or thousands of kilometers. Bad weather systems, predators, and habitat destruction prevent as many as half of migrating birds surviving to their destination. The […]

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Birdwatching (or birding) is the activity of watching wild birds in their natural habitat. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service survey reveals that 51.3 million Americans watch birds. It can be done in your backyard, a park or a nature reserve. It is a great way to connect with nature and can be done with […]

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Choosing Toys for Your Bird

Watching your bird play with toys is pleasurable for both of you. Your bird is having fun and exercising at the same time. In the wild your bird can make his own choices to entertain himself. But caged birds depend on their owners to fulfill their needs. There are lots of toys to choose from […]

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How Do You Know If Your Bird Is Sick?

Since your bird won’t tell you he is feeling sick it is important to recognize the signs of a sick bird so you know when a visit to the vet is in order. Unusual Droppings – Check both the consistency and the color. Yellow, rusty brown, or black droppings are usually a cause for concern. […]

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Caring for Your Bird’s Beak

A bird’s healthy beak is vital for your bird and has many uses – eating, climbing, tearing, preening, to name some. Your bird should be able to perform all these functions without a problem. Your bird’s beak is made out of keratin, the same material as fingernails are made from. And just like fingernails, the […]