Teach Your Bird to Play with Toys

Bird Toys

Introducing a new toy to your bird is an adventure for both of you. Birds can be fearful of new things and it can take a while before they attempt to play with a new toy without your help. Wild birds learn from their parents and from other members of their flock. Your bird doesn’t have this experience, so it’s up to you to teach him/her.

When choosing a toy for your bird, consider his/her size and personality. Toys encourage bird to be active and keep them fit. They satisfy the urge to chew and prevent boredom as bored birds will often pluck their feathers.
Birds can be attracted to colorful objects, but they are more interested in the toy’s material and their ability to be able to chew and pull them apart. Materials vary – wood, metal, string, rope, paper and more. Observe what type of materials your bird is most attracted to. When purchasing a toy, make sure the material is safe for your bird.

If your bird is timid about playing with a new toy, let him/her watch you play with it. You can hang the toy in the cage or place it on a table. It may take a while, but usually curiosity will eventually encourage the bird to come over to the toy and examine it. If you have more than one bird, an older, experienced one can help teach the timid one by example – playing with the new toy.

Be patient. Introduce one new toy at a time. You’ll soon learn which ones your bird likes.

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