Bird Behavior

Curbing Your Bird’s Hormonal Changes

Ah Spring – and with it comes love and the breeding season. Birds know well before we do when spring is coming. Sometimes they begin some odd behaviors due to the increase in hormones and the need to reproduce. There are some things you can do to keep your bird on an even keel and […]

Bird Behavior

Birds That Bite

All birds will nip at different things, including their owner’s hands. This is called “beaking” and is a way for a bird to test a perch. Although this can be unpleasant it is not considered biting. When a bird bites, the bite is quick and hard and the bird’s body language demonstrates that this was […]

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Teach Your Bird to Talk

The Parrot Family includes a wide range of birds, most of which can be taught to talk. Mynah birds, members of the Starling Family, are big talkers too. Teaching your bird to talk can be a fun, bonding time. Mynah birds and some members of the Parrot Family are fast learners like African Greys, Budgerigars […]