Curbing Your Bird’s Hormonal Changes


Ah Spring – and with it comes love and the breeding season. Birds know well before we do when spring is coming. Sometimes they begin some odd behaviors due to the increase in hormones and the need to reproduce. There are some things you can do to keep your bird on an even keel and hopefully deal with any unwanted behaviors.

Some birds become aggressive and territorial. They don’t allow you to touch their toys or their cages. They will even bite the hand that feeds them. Keep calm and when your bird shows aggression, try speaking in a calm, gentle voice and offer a treat. Above all, be patient.

Females will sometimes lay eggs which in some cases can cause physical problems. You can discourage your bird from laying eggs. Don’t let your bird go to dark, enclosed spaces where they can contemplate building a nest. Remove any toys that become objects of mating behavior. Remove any materials that your bird can shred or chew and use to make a nest.

Pet your bird only on head or neck to avoid stimulating him. He may think of you as a sexual partner.

Stick to feeding foods like raw veggies, no soft foods. Birds eat and regurgitate the food for the babies. Crunchy foods may discourage this.

Early bedtime can be helpful as well. Keep the cage away from any distractions such as the TV or any activity. Cover the cage so that your bird has quiet. Your bird should have about 10-12 hours of sleep and darkness.

The breeding season will pass, so be patient with your bird. You don’t want him to pick up any nasty habits during this time.

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