RECALL – First Aid Kits

The Triad Group, manufacturers of alcohol and iodine prep pads used in first aid kits sold by Creative Pet Products and Veterinary Concepts has extended its January recall due to potential bacterial contaminiation. The recall began with human use prep pads but has expanded to pet first aid kits.

The animal First Aid Kits affected are all lot numbers of Creative Pet Products – Sporting Dog Kit, Sporting Dog II Kit, Horse Aid Kit and K9 First Aid Police and Military Kit for the alcohol prep pads and lot numbers starting with 8, 9, 0 or 1 for Horse Aid Kit, Sporting Dog Kit and Sporting Dog II Kit for the iodine prep pads. The affected numbers are involved with Triad or Nova Plus brands.

Creative Pets will replace the defective items. Email them at [email protected]. Include your name, address, place of purchase, brand name and lot numbers.

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