BPA Poisoning Our Pets

Canned Food

BPA or Bisphenol A is a chemical found in plastic and in the lining of some canned pet foods. It leaches into foods or liquids and is linked with increases in the human and pet population of health problems including some cancers and infertility.

In pets, BPA is linked to an increase in cancer in dogs and hyperthyroidism in cats.

Scientists believe that since genetic changes in pets cannot explain the increase in health problems, chemical exposure is a significant reason.

You can help protect your pet by:

  • Call the manufacturer and ask if BPA is a component in their canned foods, toys, dishes.
  • Buy the best quality, preferably holistic brand foods for your pet. These companies put your pet’s best interests first and avoid using any toxins.
  • Don’t use plastic. Switch to stainless steel food and water bowls. Purchase non-plastic toys.
  • Write or call the FDA, EPA and pet food manufacturers encouraging them to act to remove BPA from use or at the least, set safe levels for our pets and ourselves.

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