Cleanup – Someone Has to Do It

Dog Poop Sign in Denmark

It’s a dirty job, but it’s part of the responsibility of owning a pet.

Not only is the sight and smell of pet poop aesthetically displeasing, it can be downright dangerous.

Contrary to a popular belief, stepping in poop is not lucky and your would know that if it has ever happened to you. Many a shoe has been ruined. And it can cause you to slip and fall, possibly leading to broken bones along with the embarrassment one may experience.

Leaving feces on the street or in your yard or garen can be a health hazard as well. There are parasites and bacteria in dog and cat feces that can cause illness in humans – many types of worms, giardia, coccidia to name some.

Toxoplasmosis, a nasty parasite, is found in a number of animals including cats. While infection can occur in anyone improperly handling cat waste, it’s particularly bad for pregnant women as it can be passed to the fetus causing major problems. It’s best for pregnant women not to clean the litter box or outdoor waste.

Children playing outdoors often put dirty hands up to their faces, not realizing the danger. And it doesn’t help much to tell Jane and Johnny to wash their hands regularly.

Pet feces that is left can contaminate the soil. As the feces beaks down it seeps into the ground and can eventually reach a water supply, contaminating it.

Most municipalities have laws that require you to clean up after your pet when walking in the street or in doggie parks.

There are a number of different styles of “pooper scoopers” available to aid in the cleanup. Or any disposable bag will do. For those concerned with the environment, there are biodegradable bags to do the job.

Yard and garden cleanup is a daily job, especially if you have more than one pet. If you really can’t handle it, there are a number of services that will clean up for you and dispose of the waste. You can contact them to find one that fits your budget and time line.

Besides being a health hazard pet waste cleanup is required by law. Keep your family and yourself safe while protecting the environment.

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