Birds That Bite

All birds will nip at different things, including their owner’s hands. This is called “beaking” and is a way for a bird to test a perch. Although this can be unpleasant it is not considered biting. When a bird bites, the bite is quick and hard and the bird’s body language demonstrates that this was done with the intent of causing injury.

A bird may be biting because it is afraid or has emotional problems and does not want to be handled. In order to change this behavior, set aside some time each day to work with the bird. It is best to conduct this training in a neutral territory away from your bird’s usual spot; this will encourage cooperation.

Don’t show the bird that you are afraid of it, as this will only increase its fear. If you can’t safely handle the bird, wear oven mitts. When it tries to bite you, push back gently at its beak. This will teach the bird that your hand will not disappear if it bites. Yelling at your bird is not helpful. In fact, your bird will continue with this behavior in order to get a rise out of you. Instead, speak gently and soothingly and offer treats and praise when the bird does interact with you.

Conduct fifteen minute sessions once a day until your bird stops biting. If your bird is so aggressive that you are not seeing any results, consult a vet to rule out any physical problems.


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