Rehoming Your Bird

So you’re thinking of looking for a new home for your bird. There are a number of reasons someone may rehome a bird – the owner passes away or is too ill or injured to care for a pet; a job that includes a lot of travel and time away from home; leaving the country; behavior problems; you have more than one bird and they are arch enemies and so on. Whatever the reason, rehoming can affect a bird physically and phsycologically.

A bird may become fearful, angry, mistrustful of a new home and new person. If you need to rehome a bird, it’s important to choose someone knowledgeable about your particular type of bird. It would help to have a potential new owner visit your bird and interact with him/her. It is not a guarantee of your bird’s behavior in a new home, but sometimes through observation, you can tell if they are a good match. Visit the person’s home as well to check new surroundings.

Some birds, when placed in a new environment, take many weeks to adjust. They may scream and bite or try to when the new owner approaches. The new owner must understand that it takes a lot of time, patience and knowledge of bird behavior before the bird learns to trust a new person and realize s/he is not a threat.

If you must rehome your bird as quickly as possible, there are a number of sanctuaries that can be suitable. But before making a commitment or signing paperwork, visit the bird center, check the enclosures, speak with the staff and ask questions. Know what the future holds for your bird.

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