“Just a Pet”

How many of you have heard these words – “it’s just a dog” or a cat or a horse or substitute any beloved pet. They are like a knife in your heart.

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Some people, without realizing the pain they cause, tell us how foolish we are to spend so much money on an animal. Another of their favorites is that you can always get another one.

To give them the benefit of the doubt, these people have probably never known the love of a pet. They probably have never shared their lives with pets and look upon them as just another possession, perhaps to be discarded when they are no longer useful.

Those of us who live with pets consider them family members. We would do whatever possible to keep them happy, healthy and safe. Our pets are there with us sharing joyful times, comforting us when we are sad.

We learn so much frm them, especially to live each day as it comes. They teach us loyalty and unconditional love that endures through good times and other times.

I have shared my life with many pets – dogs, cats, birds, little creatures and each one was and is very precious to me. I hope that I have learned their lessons well and have become a better human being because of them.

As for those people who say it’s just a pet, I’m sorry that they don’t understand and will never have the love and loyalty of a pet.

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