Are You Ready For A Parrot

Parrots are highly intelligent, colorful in more ways than one, interesting birds. As pets they can be very loving and attentive. But before you rush out to purchase a parrot, make sure to research your choice thoroughly and learn what their needs are and determine if it is the right pet for you.

Small birds such as parakeets can make a mess, throwing food around, pooping anywhere, chewing up toys. Now think in terms of a large bird such as a macaw or a cockatoo and you can imagine the messes they are capable of.

Then there’s the noise they can create. The bigger the bird, the louder the screech. Your bird will scream several times a day, demanding food (his/hers or yours), and/or attention. And if your parrot can choose the most inopportune times to be extremely loud – when you are in a deep sleep, on the telephone, at the climax of a drama on TV – s/he will be heard. These birds just seem to know the right time for them to ask for your attention.

Birds are not really domesticated. I often think they tolerate humans and yes, become deeply attached to us. They are pets you can talk to and they answer back.

Your parrot requires lots of your time which can be difficult if your work hours are long and keep you away for long periods (overtime). In this case, you should have a backup, a good friend, relative, neighbor, who will stand in if you are delayed and who can care for your bird.

Having a pet is a commitment for the life of that pet. Keep in mind that parrots are long-lived and need your care for many years.

If, armed with tons of information and you are a real bird lover and you are ready to devote the time and patience to sharing your life with a parrot, by all means, go for it. You’ll be rewarded with a loving, loyal companion.

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