Do Cats Like People Who Don’t Like Them

Invariably, cats seem to be partial to people who don’t particularly like them. A cat will rub up against that person, even jump on the person’s lap, content to just sit there. Of course all this attention from an unwanted source is bound to make the person uncomfortable, to say the least.

That same gentle loving cat will shy away from people who make a fuss over him/her. In our eagerness to reach the cat and lavish affection, we may appear terrifying to him/her. Just imagine how it feels to have a person several times your size bearing down on you, not knowing what the intentions are.

Researchers have finally come up with the reason for this behavior and what they discovered may surprise you. People who don’t like cats will sit quietly in a cat’s presence. They make no eye contact, don’t touch the cat, completely ignoring the cat. Scientists believe that this behavior appears much less threatening to the cat. And that’s why cats are attracted to people who don’t like them.

Sounds like a reasonable explanation to me. So, if you prefer that a cat keep its distance, make a big fuss and he or she will steer clear of you.

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