A Closer Bond With Your Cat

Too many people believe cats are independent creatures that only befriend humans when they want something. They even go so far as to say there is scientific backing for these beliefs. As a cat lover, you must have met a few of those having negative feelings about cats. Of course we all know how false these beliefs are.

Cats, like all pets, have individual personalities and it’s up to us to discover their likes and dislikes and how to further our bond with them.

Cats enjoy continuity, as a matter of fact, they need it. As creatures of habit, they prefer to stick to the same routine as much as possible. Case in point:
Several years ago, when we moved from New York to Dallas, my adored calico, Peaches, managed to find her way out of the new home and disappeared. After much frantic searching that day and the next, a neighbor told me she was leaving food out for a cat that had snuggled into a hole in the concrete in front of her house and refused to come out. I called out to the cat and upon hearing my voice, Peaches crawled out of the hole and into my arms. A couple of years later and before another move to a new house, Peaches hid in a closet, fearful of another change. After much coaxing and reassurance, she came out and with love, learned to adjust to her new house.

And then, some cats don’t like to be touched in certain spots. After a veterinary examination to rule out any medical conditions, experiment and find your cat’s favorite petting site. It’s been my experience that, unlike dogs, cats do not like belly rubs and will let you know about it.

Feeding your cat at the same time every day sets up an enjoyable ritual. Likewise, setting aside time for play and cuddles with your cat increases the bond. The same is true if you have multiple cats.

Another ritual you may try is each time your leave the house, use some sweet words such as how much you love him/her. Your cat may not understand the words, but will enjoy the emotion behind them and feel reassured.

Whatever you choose to do to strengthen the bond with your cat, be consistent and the love between you will grow.

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