Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United States
Group: Working dog
Height: males 23-27 in., females 21-25 in
Weight: males 70 lbs., females 55 lbs.
Life span: 12-13 yrs.
Trainability: moderate
Good with children: yes with early socialization
Good with other pets: yes, when raised with them or introduced carefully

What is the origin of the Chinook?

The Chinook owes its origin to one dog, a mixed breed sled dog born in 1917 on a New Hampshire farm owned by Arthur Walden, an explorer. He developed this American breed with crosses of Mastiff-type dogs, German and Belgian Shepherds and Huskies. In 1927 Walden accompanied by 16 Chinooks went on Admiral Richard Byrd’s antarctic expedition. Sadly, Chinook, the original dog, died on the expedition. Chinooks became the State Dog of New Hampshire in May of 2009. Although rare, the breed has a strong following.

What does the Chinook look like?

Males are 23-27 inches tall and about 70 lbs. Females are 21-25 inches tall and about 55 lbs. The Chinook’s body type and ear type can be different due to its varied background. Coat is medium length and coarse. Undercoat is dense and soft. Color is tawny and can range from light honey to reddish gold. The coat should be brushed daily, nails trimmed weekly and teeth brushed weekly.

What is the temperament of the Chinook?

The Chinook is a calm, intelligent, loyal dog. As with all dogs, they should be socialized early and have obedience training. Although reserved with strangers, Chinooks are not bred for protection or guarding and are non-aggressive. They are good with children and when raised with other pets, they get along. If taught properly they can get along with pets already in the family. Chinooks are not happy living outdoors as they want to be a close part of their family.

What is the Chinook used for?

Chinooks are great companion dogs. They are excellent sled dogs,and enjoy family activities. They love to hike and do very well at obedience and agility trials, weight-pulling, carting and can be trained as therapy dogs. Chinooks are wonderful, devoted family companions.

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