Pets’ Trust President Caged

Michael Rosenberg, President of The Pets’ Trust, an organization dedicated to finding homes for homeless animals, will be spending a couple of days in a cage that normally houses dogs. His neighbors will be of the 4-legged variety for that time.

On October 5th (2012) at about 5 p.m., Mr. Rosenberg will surrender himself to Animal Services of Dade County, Florida, who are cooperating in this adventure, and will be caged to show support for two goals.

1. Empty out all cages at Animal Services that weekend through adoption (except his).

2. Promote the Pets’ Trust to the community and win an election.

Mayor Cindy Lerner of Miami is posting a letter to all mayors of Dade County asking for their signatures in support of Pets’ Trust.

Adults along with their children are expected to visit Animal Services that weekend and learn more about Pets’ Trust and hopefully adopt a pet.

In spite of by-passing normal procedures, members of the Public Safety and Healthcare Administration Committee agreed to place a non-binding Pets’ Trust initiative on the November 6th ballot calling for a tax increase to raise county funding of animal care.

While there are a number of private supporters, the annual budget is far too low to help the large number of animals in need in Dade County. Mr. Rosenberg hope to bring awareness of the plight of homeless animals before the public with his actions and encourage a yes vote on the tax.

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