HSUS-A Tribute to Billy

Billy, the rescued puppy mill Chihuahua, endeared himself to thousands of people who viewed a YouTube video. Billy appeared in the video with his rescuer and caretaker, Adam Parascondola.

Because he lived in a cage without any medical care or attention for many years, Billy suffered both physically and psychologically.

After his rescue, Billy had the finest veterinary care and heavy doses of love and affection.

Sadly, despite all the efforts made to help him, Billy passed away peacefully but unexpectedly over the holidays.

In spite of all the pain and suffering he endured, Billy was able to forgive and to love, a lesson from animals all humans can learn.

The HSUS has pledged to continue fighting to stop puppy mills in Billy’s name. You can watch Billy’s Tribute video at the HSUS site online.

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