Jumping Fish

Jumping Fish

Amazingly, there are fish that can jump out of the water. Some fish can even appear to fly although they are just soaring for a distance through the air.

There are several reasons why fish jump out of the water. They may be trying to escape from predators, trying to catch prey themselves, attempting to remove fishermen’s hooks caught in their mouths, the sound of a boat’s motor may be frightening to them. Some fish will jump to catch insects on nearby branches or leaves that grow close to the water.

There are species of aquarium fish that are jumpers. The marbled hatchetfish will jump out of the tank unless it’s closed securely.

The African butterflyfish, native to tropical waters, lives near the surface of the water and has eyes that can see above and below the water.

Tropical fish will sometimes jump out of the water due to poor quality tank water. Dirty water with high ammonia content makes it difficult for the fish to breathe and they will try to escape by jumping out of the tank.

Comet goldfish, killfish and koi can jump too. It helps to place plants and ornaments to provide nooks and crannies where fish can hide. Clean your fish tank on a regular basis. If your tank contains any species of fish that can jump, be sure the lid is attached securely to avoid accidents.

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