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Find a Pet Services Provider

There are plenty of high quality pet services providers available in US and around its cities. Pet service providers such as pet sitters, dog walkers, pet boarders, dog trainers, daycare companies, pet waste removal services, pet insurance providers and more, are all quite common throughout in the country. Here is some advice on how you […]

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Pet Care Costs for Dogs and Cats

The initial cost of a cat or dog depends on whether your choice is a purebreed or a mixed breed. Purebred cats or dogs can be much more expensive than getting a pet from a rescue organization. Adoption fees are much lower and often purebreds are available in shelters and rescue groups. Costs of care […]

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Things Pet Owners to Must Know about Pet Sitting

When you have a lot of work to do or have to go on a business trip or heading out of town on vacation, it is not always possible for you to take your dog or cat with you. While you may always leave your pet with a friend or member of your family, they […]

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Easy Safe Tick Removal for Pets and Humans

A friend on a yahoo group I belong to (Canine Cancer Prevention) shared this with us. A nurse discovered this safe, easy way to remove ticks. It works in places where it’s difficult to get to with tweezers. It also works well on dark fur or dark hair. Instructions: Apply a few drops of liquid […]

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The Joy of Pet Sitting

The Pet Industry is thriving. The idea travelled from the United States and now Britain’s pet owners are breathing a huge sigh of relief No more wrestling Kitty into her cat box, or marching Rover into an alien environment where he may be exposed to contagious diseases, sickness or parasites. Granny would also be safe […]

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How do I bathe my dog?

It’s that time again – dog bath time. Let’s face it, dogs don’t enjoy baths. Mine will stand still for the process, but they are not happy. There is a way of bathing your dog to make both of you more comfortable. As I mentioned in “Grooming Aids for Dogs” there are special doggie tubs […]

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Using Acupuncture to Help Pets with Pain

We’ve recently written about Reiki for dogs and hydrotherapy for dogs as excellent alternative treatments for dog joint pain. Now comes a story about a New York veterinarian offering acupuncture for dogs. Michelle Bousquet said acupuncture helped relieve her own sciatic pain and now she’s using it in her veterinarian practice to help animals with […]

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Protect yourself, your dog, or horse from outdoor shocks.

Contact voltage is a chronic hidden hazard that can readily victimize an unsuspecting dog, walker, horse, rider, or both. No dog lover could possibly observe a more horrifying scene than witnessing his beloved pet instantaneously maimed or tragically electrocuted. When you exercise your pooch, please exercise greater prudence. Common outdoor electrical and metal fixtures may […]

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How Much and How Often to Feed Cats and Dogs

Feeding schedules for pets depends on their age. Cats and dogs at 2-3 months should be fed 4 times a day; 3-6 months, 3 times a day; 6-12 months, twice a day. Adult dogs and cats do best with twice daily feedings. Leave the food bowl down no more than 30 minutes. Your pet should […]

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What are some general dog care issues?

There are lots of things you can do to take care of your dog before there is a problem. Treating the general health care issues is a good way to start. Dental Care for Dogs‎ Ear Care for Dogs Eye Care for Dogs How do I bathe my dog?