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Research Progress on Dog Cancer at U. of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota Animal Cancer Care and Research reports on progress from the Modiano Laboratory. Their research not only helps fight cancer in dogs and other animals, but is relevant to cancer in humans. Researchers at the Lab have found that Hemangiosarcoma (which is like angiosarcoma in humans) may have a genetic risk in […]

Cancer Treatments

Does Cancer Spread with Biopsy

Cancer is usually diagnosed through biopsy. It is performed under anesthesia and requires removing tissue samples from a tumor. The samples are examined under a microscope by a pathologist to determine if and what type of cancer is present. There is some controversy over whether or not biopsy spreads cancer. Any invasive procedure and scans […]

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Update on Penn State Vaccine Trials

Dr. Nicola Mason Bone Cancer Vaccine update November 2013 Dr. Mason’s cancer vaccine update was submitted to Bone Cancer Dogs by a number of members of the Yahoo group. We reported on the vaccine at it’s inception and are pleased to know the results are so promising. It is now over 16 months since the […]