Pet Crates and Car Safety

The Center for Pet Safety (CPS) has been testing crates and small dog carriers including those of manufacturers who claim that their product is crash-tested.

It should be noted that the CPS uses canine dummies for the tests, created by duplicating the weights and sizes of different dogs. In the 2015 crash-worthiness testing by CPS and their partner, Subaru of America, crates tested cost less than $1,000.

The purpose of the study as stated was to examine the safety, structural integrity and crash-worthiness and collect data to help educate pet owners. Data collected will support ratings guidelines for pet travel crates and determine top brands.

Only front impact data was examined. Using a rigid metal fixture, a simulation of a backseat was constructed for the test. In front end impacts, the crate often hits the backseat.

The products used for the tests were 4Pets Proline Milan, MIM Safe Variocage Single, Gunner Kennel G1 Intermediate, Roto Mold LLC Ruff Tough Kennel.

Of the test results only the Gunner Kennel G1 Intermediate sustained little damage. The results are eye-opening.

We suggest that anyone using a crate to transport their pet in a car should check the results of the tests at the following:

For the carrier study, go to:

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