Why Do Cats Knock Things Over

Cats are capable of pretty weird behaviors. What is normal to them is very strange to us. If you have a cat and suddenly hear something (usually a favorite and/or expensive item) shatter, you might suspect your 4-legged friend is involved.

The “experts” are not really sure why cats knock things over, but they do have some theories.

One explanation is that cats use their paws to examine objects which has to do with their prey drive. Their paws are very sensitive. The object’s movement, sound and feel helps the cat determine if it safe or worth the time and effort.

Another theory is that cats observe our reactions to their antics. Knocking something over could be an attention-getter. We humans generally jump or yelp at the sound of crashing, certainly getting our attention. And sometimes, although we show anger or be upset, the cat has accomplished what s/he set out to do in the first place – get our attention.

There may come a time when your cat is so bored, s/he will nock things over for fun and then may stalk the object as if it were prey.

Cats are curious creatures. Your cat may simply want to investigate an item and accidentally send it clattering to the floor. The noise probably frightens your cat as much as you.

You can help avoid these “accidents” by providing your cat with enough toys to keep him/her busy and interested. Toys don’t have to be expensive – a crumbled up piece of paper, a box, a knotted sock on a stick. We’re sure you can come up with some good ideas for homemade toys.

In the meantime, to be safe rather than sorry, keep all precious objects hidden away from your cat.

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