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Cat Love

Cats have a reputation of being aloof, independent, antisocial, showing affection only when they want something and other such behaviors. Those of us who live with cats can easily debunk these myths. Cats may not show love the same ways that dogs do, but they have their own special love actions.

Ways Your Cat Shows Love:

Your cat will jump onto your lap at every opportunity or if your lap is not available, will sit as close to you as possible.

Whether you’ve been gone 5 minutes or all day, your cat will greet you at the door with tail waving.

Your cat likes to rub up against you leaving his/her scent because you are special. Some cats even enjoy head-bumping with you.

Your proud cat enjoys bringing you gifts that have special value to him/her. Even though you are aware that this is normal cat behavior, unfortunately, these gifts come in the form of dead prey which probably doesn’t make you too happy.

Cats often look at you and blink slowly. This is another way of showing love to you and you might want to return the slow blink.

A cat that rolls over and bares his/her belly completely trusts you. Cats don’t act this way with just anyone, it must be someone they love.

If your cat licks you and or grooms you, s/he is leaving its scent to claim you for its own. Now that’s love!

Kneading, sometimes referred to as “making biscuits” is another form of contentment and leaving the cat’s scent. This can sometimes be painful for you, so just put a blanket between you and the kneader.

There are many cats, at the risk of their own lives, who heroically save their humans from disasters. (Please see our article, “Cat Heroes“).

Cats are capable of forming very close attachments to their humans. And we to them.

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