Train Your Cat to Sleep at Night

Sleeping Cat

Most cats in the wild, big and small, hunt at night. This behavior has been passed down to our pet cats, sometimes much to our regret.

Often a cat will decide that midnight is the perfect time to play and start the day. And who better to choose as a partner, but you as you turn in your sleep and make a perfect target.

Most cats adjust to the owner’s schedule, but there are some who stick to their own rhythms. You can help curb your night owl cat by making a few changes.

Try exercising your cat more during the day. Play with him/her as often as possible. Hopefully this will tire the cat enough so that s/he will sleep at night.

Our pets crave the attention we give them, good or bad. By ignoring your cat, s/he may give up the nighttime activities.

Feed your cat the largest meal of the day in the evening. A full stomach makes for a contented cat who may sleep longer – even through the night.

Putting the cat outdoors for the night doesn’t help because s/he remains just as active. As a matter of fact it just reinforces the behavior. And being outside can place your cat in danger.

Of course, most importantly, have your cat examined by the veterinarian to rule out any illness or disease that may be causing nighttime hi-jinks.

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