Why Do Cats Roll Over

Cat Rolling

When dogs roll over, it’s because they want a belly rub. When cats roll over, beware – if you rub their bellies, you probably will come away with a scratch or a bite.

There can be several reasons why cats roll over.

  • When a cat rolls over and exposes his/her belly, the cat is showing complete trust in you. After all, a cat’s belly is a very vulnerable spot.
  • Some cats roll over when they want to play. Offer some catnip and you’ll see lots of rolling and perhaps other gymnastics.
  • Female cats in heat usually yowl and roll over and over and over, etc. If you’ve ever heard a noisy cat in heat, you’ll know it’s another good reason to have her spayed.
  • Lots of cats will roll over on an area to mark their scent. This lets other cats know who’s territory they’re walking into.
  • Some cats find that rolling over gets them your attention which is their intention. Often they use this method in inconvenient places like your laptop or the TV.
  • For whatever reason your cat rolls over, it’s all good.

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