Kindergarten for Kittens

We always think of training sessions as something associated with puppies and dogs. But kittens and their humans benefit from kindergarten classes too.

Timing is very important. After kittens have their first vaccinations, they are ready and willing to learn. This is the time, at 8 – 15 weeks old to enroll your kitten in kindergarten for socialization and training. Classes will also strengthen the bond between you and your kitty.

Supplies you will usually need for the class are a harness, a leash and a brush. Why a brush? Brushing your cat allows him/her to become accustomed to being handled over all parts of the body, including inside the mouth. It makes handling your pet easier for you and for vet visits.

Socializing your kitten early in life gives him/her a better chance to develop into the kind of pal you want to share your life with. The more positive experiences with different people, different cats, perhaps even other types of pets and new environments, the better your kitten will grow into an adult that can more easily handle situations and changes that could be stressful.

Using treats as an incentive, your kitten can learn to sits or lie down on command, come to you when called, do tricks and accept handling.

Kindergarten classes encourage your kitten to become less fearful and act out unwanted behaviors such as spraying, refusing to use the litter box, biting.

Ask your vet about Kitten Kindergarten classes in your area. You and your kitty might be happier for them.

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