Why Your Cat Sleeps on Your Head

Cats often find the oddest or most inconvenient places to curl up in for a snooze. It may come as no surprise that some cats prefer sleeping on their human’s heads.

There are several theories as to why your cat likes to perch on your head for a nap. Here are some of them.

Heat rises, so the top of your head is a warm place. Cats will look for external heat sources to maintain their body temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit while sleeping.

If you are a restless sleeper and toss and turn a bit, your head is more stable and your cat may view it as the safest place to sleep, out of the way of swinging legs.

Perhaps your cat finds your scent, particularly the smell of your hair comforting, giving him/her a sense of security.

Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine Indoor Pet Initiative tells us that cats have a different sleep cycle than cats we and some other mammals do. In the wild, cats need to seek prey often during a day. They require rest between each hunt. Our pets are programmed the same as their ancestors although they have no need to hunt.

If you find your cat’s sleeping habits annoying, you can try this before bedtime.

Grab a toy and have your cat chase it. After a good workout, feed your cat. After eating, s/he will more than likely attend to grooming and then go to sleep.

Remember though that training takes time and patience. If you are consistent, your cat will love the attention and will soon follow your routine.

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