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Why Do Cats Scratch and Rub?

If your favorite easy chair has cat claw marks on it, you’ve probably wondered why your would do such a thing when s/he has such a good life. Actually it’s a natural, instinctive act, no reflection on your cat’s treatment. Besides vocalization, scratching is a form of communication, indoors or out. Your cat has scent […]

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Why Do Cats Knead?

All cats knead which can be painful when on your lap, but is an instinctive trait. Kneading is when a cat pushes its paws in and out, usually with claws extended. Cats purr while kneading, so it’s a pleasurable feeling for them. They knead soft surfaces like pillows, the sofa, your lap. When newborns knead […]

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Why Do Cats Roll Over

When dogs roll over, it’s because they want a belly rub. When cats roll over, beware – if you rub their bellies, you probably will come away with a scratch or a bite. There can be several reasons why cats roll over. When a cat rolls over and exposes his/her belly, the cat is showing […]

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Is Your Cat a Bully?

A bully cat can be a problem, especially if s/he is bullying another of your cats. Cat behavior is difficult to change, but not impossible. Here are some suggestions that may slow down the bully. Spay/neuter all the cats in your house. Hormones can increase aggression and eliminating them can help. Have a separate litter […]

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Do Cats Really Fear Water?

Cats are supposedly afraid of water. But how did they catch fish if they didn’t swim? Theories abound as to why cats fear water: originally there were no large bodies of water where cats lived; although they are predators, cats are cautious around watering holes where prey animals are easily attacked; at home, sinks and […]

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Cats as Mousers

You’ll often see photos of cats with pet birds sitting nearby or pet mice cuddling up to them. Obviously these cats have never learned the art of hunting or are just very mellow. Some cats seem to be natural hunters. But others must be taught. Barn cats are generally good hunters. Most of the time […]

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Danger of Knitting Yarn for Cats

This is another one I learned from personal experience as I love to knit and often left my yarn projects lying about. Cats love playing with yarn and are often pictured that way. It’s too bad that cats are not shown playing with safer toys to give us the correct impression. But that ball of […]

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Cat Training

Cats cannot generally be trained to do tricks like dogs can, but they can learn some basic skills. The key to training a cat is to make desirable behaviors pleasant for the cat and undesirable behaviors unpleasant. Cats decide whether or not to repeat a behavior based on the results it got. Reprimands and punishments […]