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Why Do Cats Hoard Object and Bring Us “Gifts”

Years ago my Dad had a pharmacy and as a lover of animals, he kept a cat there. Terramycin (named for an antibiotic) wandered into the pharmacy one day and made it her home. Then we discovered she was pregnant. Terra, as we affectionately called her, soon gave birth to one little kitten whom we […]

Cat Behavior

How to Stop Cat Fights

A cat’s survival instinct is very strong and they learn to defend themselves at a very early age. A mother cat will teach her kittens how to stalk and/or chase prey and then pounce. Littermates begin their training by play fighting with one another. Cats in the same household can show aggression towards a feline […]

Cat Behavior

Cats and Kids

Cats play differently with people than dogs do. Cats respond well to calm, easy going playtime. The exuberance of young children, while enjoyed and shared by dogs, is not welcomed by cats. If a cat is part of your family and you have a child or children, it’s important to teach them how to interact […]

Cat Behavior

Do Cats Like People Who Don’t Like Them

Invariably, cats seem to be partial to people who don’t particularly like them. A cat will rub up against that person, even jump on the person’s lap, content to just sit there. Of course all this attention from an unwanted source is bound to make the person uncomfortable, to say the least. That same gentle […]

Cat Behavior

All About Cats’ Paws

Cats (and dogs too)use every part of their bodies to communicate with us and each other, including their paws. Cats have sweat glands between their paw pads. When they scratch an object, they deposit pheromones from the scent glands, leaving lots of information about themselves that other cats can read. The sweat glands also prevent […]

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Why Cats Climb Trees

Why do cats climb trees? Well, they do so for several reasons. It’s easier to see what’s going on in the neighborhood sitting high in a tree. Cats will climb trees to escape from predators like the neighbor’s dog. Being predators themselves, they also have a better view of any prey nearby. Sometimes that prey […]

Cat Behavior

How Did My Cat Get Into That

Have you ever watched your 10 lb. kitty try to squeeze int a match box? What is it about boxes, coffee cups, sinks, bags, shoes, tiny spaces, even items that appear too small to contain them, that cats find alluring. Claudia Vinke, ethologist (ethology-study of animal behavior) at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, led […]

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Cat Wins Hero Dog Award

Tara, a 7 year old tabby, who grew up with her family and whose video went viral, is the first cat to win the Los Angeles SPCA Hero Dog Award. With a little alteration, the word dog was changed to cat on the award. Jeremy Triantafilo, 4 years old and Tara’s BFF (Best Friend Forever), […]

Cat Behavior

Why Cats Lick

If you’ve ever been licked by a cat, you’ve experienced the roughness of the tongue, almost like sandpaper. A cat’s tongue is covered with barbs called papillae that face backwards and cause the rough sensation. The barbs are made of seratin, a substance found in human fingernails. The barbs serve a number of purposes. Cats […]

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Speedy Domestic Cats

The Cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world. These large beautiful wild cats can reach speeds of 45-70 miles per hour. They can sustain the speed for up to 300 yards. While they cannot reach the speed of cheetahs, there are breeds of domestic cats that can run very fast and accomplish great […]