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Dogs Who May Bite

Fear is the strongest motivator when dogs bite. Biting is the last defense a dog uses. Most dogs give signals, warning us beforehand to stop what we are doing or to stay away. If we humans don’t interpret the signals correctly, we may leave the dog with no choice but to bite. Observe your dog […]

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Counter Surfing Food Stealing Dogs

When dogs reach up and take a piece of food, they don’t think of it as stealing or getting away with something. It’s just natural for them to take food that smells good to them. Of course it’s not something we want to encourage and there are a number of ways to deal with the […]

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Adopting a Puppy Mill Pup

Adopting a puppy mill dog means rescuing a pup from a horrible existence. But be prepared for some challenges. These dogs have had no socialization. When they have been handled, infrequently by their keepers, it’s usually with rough treatment. They have spent their lives in small, wire cages with little or no time outdoors. They’ve […]

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Does Your Dog Chew Wood?

Some dogs may exhibit very strange chewing and eating behaviors and that includes putting wood on the menu. While there have been studies about why dogs chew wood, there is a lot of speculation, but only theories. One reason suggested is that in the wild, dogs chewed wood to appease their hunger when the prey […]

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Dog Training

Dog training can be both fun and fulfilling. Unfortunately, it can also be a source of great frustration. For this reason it is important to learn to teach your dog. Basic obedience training is necessary so that your dog will be pleasant to live with. Basic obedience includes being housebroken and responding appropriately to commands […]

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Introducing a Dog to a home with a Cat

Introducing puppies to your cat is easier than with a grown dog, but it can be done. Cats are very territorial while dogs want to be wherever you are. It’s a good idea to bring home a dog that has had obedience training and socialization. Puppies should attend obedience classes. You can begin the process […]

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How to Introduce a Cat to Your Dog at Home

In spite of old wives tales, cats and dogs do get along together. Some even become good friends. Be prepared though, for teaching them to live together peacefully can take time. There are times however when it’s just not possible for them to co-exist. That’s the case with my dogs, so they must always be […]

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Choosing a Family Dog

The addition of a dog to the household can bring much joy. But before you bring that bundle of joy home, be sure to have enough information to help you make the best selection. Consider your lifestyle. Is your family the outdoorsy type or are you more of the couch potato variety? Do you live […]

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Preventing Dog Bites

According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs every year. Before bringing a dog into your household, research the breed you choose. Consult a veterinarian, breeders, animal behaviorists for the best breeds for your household and lifestyle. If you rescue a […]