Choosing a Family Dog

Family Dog

The addition of a dog to the household can bring much joy. But before you bring that bundle of joy home, be sure to have enough information to help you make the best selection.

Consider your lifestyle. Is your family the outdoorsy type or are you more of the couch potato variety? Do you live in an apartment, on a farm, in a rural area, the suburbs? What are the ages of your children? Can you provide supervision with large dogs who may accidentally knock a toddler down? And of course, you must teach your children how to behave with dogs.

If you have a breed in mind, do your research and check if that breed can be a match for your family.

Here are some dog breeds that usually do well in family situations. They are listed randomly, no one better than another.

All dogs should have consistent obedience training with a kind hand and early socialization. A well-mannered dog makes a perfect family companion.

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