Shelter Buddies Reading Program

The Shelter Buddies Reading Program launched by the Humane Society of Missouri is designed to help dogs become more adoptable.

Most dogs, upon entering a shelter, are confused and stressed. Many become shy and timid or over-excitable. It was discovered that children reading to the dogs helped to calm them and relieve stress.

Not only does the reading program help the dogs, but the children benefit as well. They improve their reading skills and learn to care for and show compassion to animals.

Kind children between the ages of 6-15 may apply to enter the program at HSMO Macklind Ave. Headquarters or HSMO Keuhner Center in Chesterfield Valley. Check with the locations for times.

There is a one-time 90 minute training session and the child must be accompanied to the training by a parent. At the training session the children will receive a schedule of available reading hours. They can come and read for as little or as long as they like during those hours, 7 days a week.

The children may bring a favorite book of their own although there is a library available of more than 100 animal-themed books to choose from.

In case a cancellation is necessary, you are asked to notify the shelter about rescheduling.

For more information about the Shelter Buddies Reading Program or if you are interested in starting your own program, contact is via email at [email protected] or call 314 951 1597.

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