Leash-Biting Dogs

Unless you have tons of money and can afford a variety of leashes that you don’t mind having destroyed, biting them is a habit to put a halt to.

Contrary to the belief of some that dogs bite their leashes to show dominance, we believe they’re just having fun and being their playful selves.

Another observation is that dogs bite their leashes because they resent the restraint leashes apply to them. I say nonsense. When you pick up that leash, your dog jumps for joy knowing that it means an exciting trip outdoors.

The only exception I can imagine is if the dog is beaten with the leash which of course would never enter our minds to do.

There are humane ways to keep your dog from biting the leash. Here are some suggestions.

Distract your dog. Dogs generally concentrate on one thing at a time. Use a favorite treat to get your dog’s attention. But before feeding, ask your dog to complete an obedience task – sit, down, etc. Your dog will enjoy the attention especially knowing there’s a treat reward.

Some dogs become so excited that they feel the need to hold something in their mouth. Take along a favorite toy on a leashed outing. At the first sign of your dog mouthing the leash, put the toy in his/her mouth. Besides being a distraction, the toy will act as a pacifier, calming the dog.

You can also rub something on the leash that tastes awful such as Grannick’s Bitter Apple. This could take time for the dog to associate bad taste with the leash so be patient.

We welcome any other suggestions or comments about you stopped your dog from biting the leash.

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