More About Your Dog’s Personality

French Bulldog

Knowing your dog’s personality can help you understand his/her behavior.

Your dog may have a specific personality or a combination of 2 or more. Based on your dog’s personality, you can be aware of how s/he will react in some situations and avoid unwanted behavior.

A dog who is secure and confident in his/her environment is usually a leader. Positive training can deflect any aggressive tendencies and/or unwillingness to comply with commands.

A dog who shows independent tendencies often thinks for him/herself. Patience is key to training. Never use force, but do show leadership to earn the dog’s respect.

Some dogs never meet a stranger. They always seem to be smiling, wagging their tails and happy to meet and greet the world. They can get over-excited and should be trained not to jump on people, especially large dogs who can cause unintentional injury to children or the elderly.

A shy dog is often insecure and may be uncomfortable in some situations. This dog needs a calm human who can encourage self-confidence with lots of praise when succeeding at a task. Reprimanding or disciplining a shy dog sharply can only cause him/her to become more fearful and even aggressive if feeling threatened. Being low-key and patient helps to give this dog its much needed sense of security.

The dog’s that eager to please is also the easiest to train. S/he follows the owner’s directions and gets along with other dogs, other pets and people. Affectionate and cooperative, this dog is a great family member and is a good candidate as a therapy dog.

Whatever your dog’s personality or combination thereof, never use harsh training methods and/or harsh discipline as they can force an unwelcome change of personality in your dog. Positive methods using treats, a clicker, along with lots of praise when your dog gets it right, can create the perfect family pet.

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