Know Your Dog’s Personality


We are all different (viva la difference) and we usually match our choice of dog breed to complement our lifestyles. But dogs are individuals too and may not always run true to form.

There’s the action pup who never misses an opportunity to run or jump or chase something. You may want to consider agility training if you’re ready for a workout too. A large fenced-in yard or doggie park are good ways to provide exercise and burn up some of that excess energy without overtaxing yourself. Daily vigorous walks help too. Try teaching your dog to relax and not overdo, especially in the heat of summer.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the couch potato. S/he is content to spread out and watch you work. But even couch potatoes need exercise, just low impact. Moderate walks and perhaps a ball toss and catch if s/he is up for it. This type of personality just wants to be close and snuggle on the couch with you.

Then there are the curious types. They are into everything including the trash. They’ve learned how to open doors (self-taught), dig holes all over your neat garden and look for what they consider treasures, counter-surf for goodies and so on. They need exercise too, especially long walks to sniff around and satisfy their curiosity. These are clever dogs that need mental stimulation – puzzle toys and intricate training exercises.

Your dog may fit into one category or a combination of them. It’s important to know your dog’s personality so that we can make life happier and more fulfilling for everyone.

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