Dog Barking

Dog Barking

Neighbors who object to a dog’s barking can make life pretty unpleasant for both you and your pet, and understandably so – much as any person loves dogs, listening to a barking dog at all hours of the day can be extremely annoying. When your dog barks it can be for many reasons, to warn of strangers approaching, in excitement to see you come home, even when sensing potential danger. But sometimes excessive dog barking is a nuisance to you and your neighbors. You want to control this behavior but not stifle for those appropriate times.

Some ideas on what to do:

If you keep your dog in a pen during the day when you are out, then, if possible, site the pen farther away from neighbors, preferably with a wall to deaden the sound between the properties. If you can not do this, then you will have to look at keeping the dog indoors and getting someone to come in and check on him while you are out.

Another idea:

Sometimes the use of a bark-activated correction collar also referred to as a bark collar can work well in these cases. There are several types of correction collars available.

Spray no-bark collars: The collar sprays a harmless substance like a citronella scented liquid under the chin; the dog doesn’t like it, and soon learns that barking results in this happening to him, so he remains quiet.

Sonic/Pulse bark collars: These collars work by emitting a sound or vibration that the dog doesn’t like. The collar emits an ultra-sonic warning and/or vibration when the dog barks.

Static Correction bark collars: The static collar is the most popular design. When the dog barks a mild static shock is emitted causing the dog a slight discomfort. The static correction is completely safe and can be adjusted to suit the stubbornness of the dog.

While these collars may work in some stubborn cases, I cannot recommend them as they can easily be misused and seem too much like punishment. While training can take time and patience, it is well worth the outcome.

Keep in mind that the final goal is not to punish or deter the dog for doing what comes naturally but to teach them the proper times to use their voice. We certainly want our dogs to alert us to danger or strangers.

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